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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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appointed a new ceo to the authority. will be his job to get the organization up and running to build this thing. that is jeff morales. [applause] as maria said, the only way we can building in california these days is in a partnership situation, and we have many of our partnership stakeholders with us today. jim from the california transportation commission is here and the california alliance for jobs. he is the guy tried to put these guys to work. randy from the mtc and his boss steve. they are the ones that put the deal together for us for caltrain electrification. the new head of bart has done a spectacular job. [applause] and from our friends in the central valley who cannot wait for the opportunity to get on a train and leave fresno when it is 112 and come to visit san
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francisco to visit the chocolate factory, we have henry perea and others from the economic development commission. it is about tying our great state together, and that is what we would do with high-speed rail. for me, watching this process has been an education in leadership. it does not take anything to be a leader when the decisions are easy. believe me. it takes courage and grit when the decisions are hard. our governor, when he came into office, was faced with everyone telling him, this is your opportunity to take the off ramp. do not do high-speed rail. you can walk away. that would have been the easy, expedient, a political thing to do. we are here today because gov. jerry brown did not take the easy path. he took the path of investing in our future. you, gov..
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>> many times, people say to me -- gee, how are you going to build this? i said, let's look at the lineup. they've got their dream? -- they've got their dream. we start with the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states, the secretary of transportation, the governor of california, the speaker, and the mayor of our great city. mayor lee. one other group i want to make sure we do not forget -- our a- number one congressional leadership delegation. it is very important to
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understand, this construction level behind you is because of nancy pelosi. san francisco's unknown. she brought the money. she brought the grit. she brought the vision. she has been with us every step of the way on high-speed rail. if you do not believe that, you can talk to congressional leaders about their this -- their conversations with her while they were deciding what to do. i think everybody knows -- they did not say they should connect san francisco with transkei.
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what it said was they should connect with the transgendered bay system. and that is what is going to happen. -- with the transbay system. these men and women in hard hats will start building the spine of the high-speed rail tracks. as i pointed out, we should be proud of that. we need to get on with this, right now. five years from now, what will be happening -- these men and women will be completing the electrification of the caltrain line. that is an important part of this process. we will get from san francisco to san jose, faster, more sustainably, and much cleaner with the caltrain system. 10 years from today, people in
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los angeles and fresno will be able to move back and forth, and 15 years from today, we will go from the transbay transit center all the way to disneyland, if you want to. that is what we are building. one last thing. it is not just about high-speed rail. this is part of an integrated transportation plan. we are invested in things like grid electrification. improvements to vpa. the blue line in san diego. this is a 21st century modernization of our rail system. i want to thank all of you. with that, it is time for the
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bill signing. i would invite all the guests in the front row to, up. you should join us. -- i would invite all the guests in the front row to come up. you should join us. >> down in front. >> alright. >> we can have one more person up here. [laughter]
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>> alright. >> whoo! [cheers and applause] >> so, this is the second time i have assigned this. [laughter] >> the questions from the gallery out there -- >> governor, why aren't you in the belly today -- valley today? >> as you know, it is part of the function here, it is
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important of the criticisms as well as the success. it will electrify caltrain from san francisco to stand the pain -- to san jose. this is a bold move with many elements that spell jobs and future prosperity. we will have a lot of investment right here in san francisco and along the coast. yes? >> it is still not funded yet. what do you say about getting that kind of -- >> i am working on that one right now. i am working on getting the started. getting through the fear of fearful men and getting it together.
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would get stuff going. we have stepped in middlebury. we have stuff in los angeles. let's start with the first phase and the second phase and rapid a lot. them to talk about how we get here. yes? >> governor, the real authority said passengers may have to change trains three times from l.a.? is that true? >> yes. i long ago stopped listening were taking his advice. it will be one train all the way. it will go all little slower in certain areas. >> governor brown, how concerned are you that californians will not support your tax measure --
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>> high speed rail is more popular than i am right now. if i believe that, i would have packed my bags. i have seen many polls. when the people build the water plant. when the people build the golden gate bridge. there were a lot of naysayers'. the world is filled with fear foremen. but the world is also filled with do worse and leaders -- doers and leaders. my concern is to build a california for the future. we're in a culture of immediate gratification. me, now, ec. -- easy. when people build monasteries,
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it would start out with one man, then his son, then his son. we will do this in a generation or two. is an investment in the future. a poll here and a pole there, i don't worry about the field polls. [applause] >> in with the abc station in the central valley. what would you want people to know about the signing? >> this made me more to bakersfield and it does to fresno. -- may mean more to bakersfield and it does to fresno. it will stimulate housing. it will concentrate the range used in a way that will protect agricultural land. it will create the kind of the
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sustainable communities we will need in a world of climate change. anybody else? that's it? the chronicle was no questions? [laughter] you were listening. you were tweeting the whole time. >> i have to listen to treat. however negotiations going on? >> i would say with the liberals speed. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> thank you for being here. i want to thank the young people for being here, because you are the future. there are going to be things in this building and you are going to see that are not normal in those buildings yet. they are cutting edge, but by the time it you are my age, everybody is going to have this stuff, and you will be some of the first to see it. it is great to have you here. really quickly, this is a building we are proud of,
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because this is really who epitomizes the value in san francisco. it uses a third less power than a normal office building. it saves money. i want to kick it off by introducing the mayor over his career he has have so many different figures on this building from being the administrator to being the mayor, so this is a welcome thing. phyfe good morning, everybody -- >> good morning, everybody. i have got the same eyes as you today. this is the first time i have stepped into this building as well. everything you see is going to be the same as for me.
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i am going to last questions, -- to ask questions, and i am going to try to figure out where this water comes from. i am going to have the same questions as you have because i am excited about this building, and i am thankful to the public utilities commission, to the wonderful staff, and the others on the team. i am thankful to the commission as well that they have been guiding this process. some years ago when i was an attorney, i was working on this side. this used to be the site of the workers' comp hearing room, and i had to go to court to represent workers who were injured, and over the years the state abandoned it. it became an abandoned site. and we were a little embarrassed because we did not know how to
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deal with it for years, and the idea came from others. after so much effort, why don't we stop paying rent for all the offices? why don't we consolidate but of the same time use our devolved intelligence about building the greenest building weekend, -- we can? we are one of the green is buildings in the country. this is the only building that is going to reuse its waste water. it is creating energy by wind and by solar on the roof in very large amounts that will have the design and now working with the contractors. good i want to thank n d for his
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wonderful construction capabilities, and because they house accepted a design and all the challenges that go with it to build if the right way. they use special concrete. they were to make sure air flow can reduce the amount of air conditioning we see in many of buildings, and it is terrain high use of energy for the system to work, but the air flow so that 20 or 30 years down the road when we are redoing these floors, we will be able to do it in a much more efficient manner. in fact, this building saves the puc and the city's $500 million over the next 100 years.
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that is great because the puc exists because of ratepayers. they want to see the smartest technology. gerd they want to see a building that not only houses 900,000 employees but also those that are smart handling a strong interest in making sure we continue maintaining a water system. not only is it a great building. this is for you. this is a building that educates you and your families for generations to come. how we take care of our water system and how we maintain the system not just for san francisco insert but for the people who depend upon a national water system and
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maintain it and spent a lot of money making sure it is earthquake safe. this building is also going to be the safest building to be in in case there ever is an earthquake event, and we are doing that with our libraries, our civic buildings, and we will build new buildings, and we want to make sure it will withstand. if you are in buildings, it is going to rock a little bit, but it will be saved. i was here over a year-and-a- half ago, and we were across the street and putting on the last dream, and we were already excited to see how this would come out, and every floor has special things, and it is using all of our artwork, so you can see the ninth art work.
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they are displayed to make it a good working environment. the other part and we are so proud of is working with all the subcontractors, 40% of all the work force until this building and designed its are san francisco residents commo, so we honoring our critical goal for the jobs we want. we have honored the union and labour to make sure it happened the right way, so this represents so much of the good things we have always wanted out of our public buildings and construction company, and i want to congratulate dpw, our public utilities commission and staff, contractors, community of arts
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programs, other agencies working in with this, and our vendors, whether they are contractors or the other businesses that help with the video and electronics and this building to make it not only modern but technologically updated so four years you're going to be able to see the whole hetch hetchy water system displayed for our kids and future families but also to use it in every day technology for communications. this is more than just a building. it is a demonstration of what we can do when we work together to put the goals of the greenest and most modern and technology in blessing with what the public utilities commission does for a city, and that is to take care of our own water and infrastructure and waste water. congratulations for a wonderful
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effort, but congratulations for a building i know you were involved in every part of this, and it is a great way to really have a wonderful legacy you have high. congratulations to you. [applause] >> thank you, merely. when you said you had not been inside this building, you could give the tour. one thing i would like to point out is david is back there. they are the designers of this building, so much of the credit also goes to david. there are two other people. we will mention a lot of names, but we have the project managers. [applause] to start the tour, you know where our water comes from?
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the answer is hetch hetchy. everybody who comes into our building will not be as smart, so we have done a teaching also about when children and parents come into this tobin they can learn about the system through this teaching wall. i am asking you to turn on the walnul that shows you can see that it comes down to the central valley and produces energy on the way. it has a variety of customers in the southern part of the area. you'll notice it is interactive.
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you can learn as you walk around the ramp, the kind of things. it goes from blue kite to purple plaid and that represents the waste water. we call this from snowfall to out all. do you know what happens when you flush a toilet? where does the water go? the water goes to the treatment plant. that will not be the case in this building.
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it would be a different experience because they would be reusing the water on site here.
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>> good afternoon, everyone. this is july